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Around and About the Vineyard: Amazing Local Mushrooms

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Seasonally during Autumn, we've noticed the most amazing wild mushrooms in the forest areas around the vineyard.

Fall foliage is at its prime and this steamy weather has them popping up all over. A local mycologist came in to examine (don't try this on your own) and found that quite a few of them are very desirable for consumption.

There are many deadly ones out there, but luckily the mushrooms found here are Mataki, the best tasting fungi we have ever tasted, and have tremendous health benefits.

Asian cultures have been using this mushroom for cooking and in medicine for thousands of years.

The mushrooms are huge, 12" or more in diameter, and amazingly beautiful. We are presently selling to local restaurants such at Cavey's. Stop by Cavey's and ask for dishes prepared with these gems!

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