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Ryan Winiarski & Meredith Lanoue


Have you ever wanted to leap into something big, bold and life-changing? We did and made it reality when we purchased Priam Vineyards and took over the 40-acre vineyard and 20-year old winery business on July 1, 2022.

We had always dreamed of a life in agriculture, and a combination of the pandemic lock-down plus the right opportunity led us to Priam. When COVID forced Ryan to close the Hartford office of his advertising agency, Checkoff, home confinement got to be too much, and he started looking for something more than sitting in front of a computer in a basement office. While building a website for a Texas company called who specialize in selling premium wines, Ryan thought
about his younger years working on Christian Farms picking tobacco, and later working with Copper Rock Farm doing hay and how much joy being outside brought him. A quick google search for "vineyards for sale in CT", led him to the sale of Priam.

Our first meeting with the sellers and their real estate agent—a standard 30-minute affair—turned into a 2-hour+ evening. We hit it off immediately; we knew we wanted to buy, and the sellers knew they were selling to a team whose vision matched who they wanted to take over the vineyard and business.


From the first day, Ryan has dived in as the General Manager role, upgrading systems, remodeling the space and working with the amazing staff—which includes a talented winemaker from South Africa, Ruaan Viljoen, Estate Manager, Gustavo Rodriguez-Savala, and an event sales team led by Kristine Herold. Between weddings, concerts, comedy shows, private events, wine and food pairings, food trucks and managing daily operations, and continuing to manage Checkoff clients, he has a full plate.

In August, we celebrated our wedding at Priam (only 11 years in the making!)

What does the future hold? We continue to produce and sell Priam's14 award-winning wines, and hope to expand production and increase distribution to package stores and restaurants across the state. We plan to make upgrades to the property to expand the event space—allowing us to host more weddings and private functions—and also make it even more fun and enjoyable to visit the property.


Scarlett Rose Winiarski


Our daughter Scarlett has already taken to farm life and has become the apple of the staff's eye, bringing her own flair for cuteness and joyful energy. If she's not being held by her parents or a staff member, you'll find her dancing in the wedding tent, playing in a water fountain or chasing frogs in the garden.

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