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The winery building was constructed with an eye toward sustainability and energy reduction. It was built into the hillside at the base of the vineyard to leverage the earth’s steady, cool temperatures in the wine cellar, and also to use gravity to feed juice from the crush pad to the tanks. These techniques reduce energy use while creating an optimal environment for wine production, aging and storage. (And also the perfect environment for storing dahlias over the winter!)

In 2018 Priam tripled the size of our tasting room and increased production capacity by 100%The addition utilized state-of-the-art heat pumps as well as the same earth banking strategy as the original building for passive cooling. The entire addition utilized LED lighting which, when used in conjunction with walls of windows, allows light into the winery and tasting room without additional heat, reducing electrical needs.  


In September 2010, Priam Vineyards became the first winery in New England to be completely solar powered, completing installation of panels that provides all power needed to run the winery and produce our wines.

As environmentalists, we also practice sustainable agriculture wherever possible, including propagating bluebirds rather than using insecticides, to maintain a healthy vineyard. In addition, the 40-acre farm has been certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a natural bird and wildlife habitat.

Priam Vineyards Completes Phase Two of Solar Panel Installation


Priam Vineyards has completed a second installation of 30 solar panels, approx. 9Kw, in addition to the existing 50 panel system, 11.5 Kw, that will now bring their production up to 36000Kw, completely powering all parts of the winery, as well as feeding back to the grid.

Priam Vineyards is now Solar Powered


Priam Vineyards has completed an installation of solar panels that will completely power the winery, making it 100% green, and the first solar powered winery in New England. Special thanks to Gro Solar and Zelek Electric for a beautiful job. Read more about it in the Hartford Courant article. Priam Vineyards Harnessing The Sun Even More – Hartford Courant.

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