Jeremy River White


Our semi-sweet (3.5% RS) blend of Riesling, Cayuga & Chardonnay.

NOSE: Orange blossom with mango & peach undertones. PALATE: Sweet cantaloupe. FINISH: Grapefruit rind.  FOODS: Brie cheese, spicy Sichuan, Indian & Thai seafood; Creamy pasta dishes as well as chips & salsa.

Salmon River White


Our off-dry white blend is a combination of Chardonnay and Riesling.

NOSE: A very fragrant and elegant wine. The nose opens with notes of peach and tropical fruit finishing with floral notes. PALATE: Ripe peach, delicate butteriness and creamy texture. FINISH: The palate notes finish with hints of oak, butter and tangerine. FOODS: lighter foods, lemon chicken, sautéed seafood, roasted pork loin. 

Blackledge White


A crisp, off-dry (1.2% RS) tropical white blend creating summertime in a glass with these luscious aromas.

NOSE: Sweet pineapple, mandarin, ginger, honey, and anise. PALATE: Passionfruit with hints of honeydew melon and sweet orange. FINISH: Crisp minerals, tangerine and star fruit



Won DOUBLE GOLD & BEST OF CLASS in the 2017 International Women’s, CA, and Silver, New York International Wine Competitions.

NOSE: fresh, floral opening up to honeysuckle, green apples, passion fruit, mandarins, ripe pineapple & hints of honeydew. PALATE: conveys pear & peach notes. Crisp mid-palate opens up to a balanced mouth feel. FINISH: delicate minerality. FOODS: Delicious with delicate seafood, crab cakes, lobster & shrimp, sweet, spicy dishes.

Barrel Select Chardonnay


Our full-bodied barrel-fermented Chardonnay.


NOSE: Light, toasty oak, green apples & caramel. PALATE: Silky, creamy, buttery, vibrant fresh fruit and nuance of apricot & vanilla bean. FINISH: Green apple, crisp lemon zest, delicate minerality, and light oak notes. FOODS: New England seafood, pâtés, sharp cheeses & grilled foods. 



An off-dry Gewurztraminer has floral perfume notes with subtle hints of spice.


NOSE: Crisp, orange, grapefruit & lemon rind, subtle notes of ginger & rose petal. PALATE:

Lychee, tangerine, ginger & hints of honey, transitioning to a full citrus mouthfeel. Floral & crisp citrus on the palate.

FINISH: Lemon rind, vibrant acidity, floral. Enjoy now or store cool for up to 1 year. FOOD: Turkey, seafood, and Asian & Indian food, spicy curry.

(Best consumed in the first year)

Late Harvest Muscat de Ottonel


Liquid amber in color.


NOSE: Dried apricots, honey & caramel, while flower petals create a sense of aromatics. PALATE: Dried fruit & floral. FINISH: Natural sweetness balanced by ripe pineapple & fresh acidity. FOODS: Antipasti, soft, aged cheeses, drizzle over vanilla ice cream. 


St. Croix Bourbon Barrel Aged


Westchester Red


Medium-bodied 100% St. Croix, aged in American & French barrels, finished in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels.


NOSE: Prominent blackberry & strawberry compote, bright cherry, following through onto the palate.  PALATE: Hints of caramel, toasted coconut & hints of bourbon. 

FINISH:  Soft tannins & toasted oak round the wine out with a long, lush finish. Hand bottled via gravity flow, hand waxed & labeled. 

FOODS: Delicious simply on its own, or with grilled steak, prime rib, and dark chocolate.

A semi-sweet red blend of St. Croix, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. 

NOSE: Lightly toasted wood notes with cherry and blackcurrant. PALATE: Soft mid-palate tannins. FINISH: Hints of vanilla & licorice. FOODS: Chili, barbecued meats & chicken, pasta/meatballs, chocolate cake.

Blackledge Red

(2) GOLD

A ruby St. Croix blend, aged 14 months for a light oak background. Light-bodied with savory depth.

NOSE: Candied red cherries, violets & cranberries, a delicate layer of caramel, spice & cedar. PALATE: Smooth, bright with red berries, opening to soft tannins. FINISH: White pepper. FOODS: Light dishes & appetizers, earthy foods with mushrooms, truffles, sausage.

Salmon River Red


A rich, dark blend of Cabernet Sauvignon & St. Croix aged 14 months in oak barrels for a bold, smooth wine.


NOSE: Delicate hint of leather, coffee, mocha & caramel circle the glass. PALATE: Opens with layers of ripe plum, black currant, raspberry, cherry jam & caramelized coconut. FINISH: Delicate tannins. FOODS: Grilled steak, prime rib & dark chocolate.

St. Croix


Our Vineyards Reserve St. Croix is an American hybrid varietal that was aged 14 months in American barrels


NOSE: Hints of caramel, candied apple, cranberry, cedar and clove. PALATE: Bright cherry, pepper, leather, and nutmeg. FINISH: Smokey, dark cocoa and soft tannins. FOODS: Delicious with game, such as duck, venison, and grilled salmon.


Blackledge Rosé


Salmon River Rosé


A beautiful semi-sweet Rose’.


NOSE: bright cherry, luscious strawberry & lilac. PALATE: Bing cherry, raspberry & ripe strawberry. FINISH: Crisp minerals & lemon rind. Perfect for anytime of the season, from Summer to Winter Holidays. FOODS: Seafood, prosciutto, Feta cheese, Thai & spicy dishes.  

NOSE: Orchids and strawberries. PALATE: Beautiful strawberries mid-palate, composed of mineral notes and a very balanced acidity. FINISH: Crisp, conveying delicate fresh raspberry & lemon mouth feel. FOODS:  Rich, cheesy dishes, lighter meats, roasted pork loin, lemon chicken, sautéed seafood.

(Best consumed in the first year)