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1,000 Bottles An Hour (If We Can Keep Up)

About a month into 2017, we scrapped our old bottling machine. We had been sitting on it for 14 years— it took up too much space and caused a lot of anxiety.    The problem: the machine didn't work. This presented a huge issue: we had something taking up space that was supposed to be helping us, but it was just a huge thorn in our side. 

Enter the company partner and our winemaker, the brains and the push behind fixing the issue we faced: hand-bottling. Hand-bottling is not hard, but we would be lucky if we could hand-bottle more than 150 bottles an hour. The issue we were running into was that we were selling bottles of wine faster than we could bottle them. We worked for months to find a bottling machine that would allow our bottling efforts to increase ten-fold.

They found a bottle filling and corking duo that are attached by a conveyer belt. It took a few months to get it sent over, but once it got here, we put it straight to use, first bottling our award winning Riesling, and a few other wines that we have to brag about after their official release (we're so excited! We can't wait to release them!).

Below is our new infographic on our wine bottling process from barrel to bottle. This is the first of our new infographic series to help our customers understand what we do here at Priam. If you have any questions on our winery or wine that you want answered, we would love to hear them—we're sure that other people are just as curious as you are!

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