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The Only Vegan Certified Wine in Connecticut


We are proud to announce Priam Vineyards has been globally certified by BevVeg International for its vegan-friendly approach to winemaking, putting Connecticut on the map of U.S. wineries to receive this seal of approval after an extensive review of its production practices from soil to bottle.

  • Chardonnay 2018

  • Reisling 2018

  • Blackledge Rosé

  • Westchester Red 2017

  • Soon to be released

  • Salmon River Rosé 2018

  • Jeremy River White 2018

  • Salmon River White 2018

  • Muscat de Ottonel 2018

BevVeg International, the company’s certification seal is “a stamp of approval” that tells vegans and others who care about
sustainability and social responsibility that a wine label that carries its trademark meets the strictest standards of vegan compliance.

"It might sound weird, but many winemakers use things like isinglass from fish bladder, gelatin and even sea shells when filtering their wine before bottling, explained Priam’s winemaker, Ruaan Viljoen.


Priam Vineyards doesn’t use animal byproducts or those other additives in our wine production. It doesn't align with our sustainable agricultural practices and would actually remove flavor and aromas from the wine. A good wine reflects the grapes from the area. The more you add to it, the less quality you’ll get. Being vegan-friendly improves the quality of the wine.


Around the world, environmentally-conscious beverage companies are starting to embrace these higher standards of production. In 2016, famous Irish brewery Guinness announced its beer went vegan-friendly when it removed the fish bladder from its 250-year-old traditional filtration process.

BevVeg International certified Priam’s production practices as vegan-friendly after reviewing the entire vineyard’s winemaking process from its solar-powered winery, to protecting its grape harvest using bluebirds instead of pesticides to partnering with a bottle supplier that uses recycled glass.

Priam Vineyards is a solar-powered winery and sustainable vineyard nestled in the Salmon River Watershed area on the Connecticut Wine Trail at 11 Shailor Hill Road off Route 149 in Colchester. Its thirteen international award-winning wines are estate grown, blended, bottled and cellared on premises. Priam Vineyards was declared a nature conservation area by the National Wildlife Federation, and is a popular site for weddings and corporate events. Voted CT’s top winery, three years in a row, by international sommeliers and wine judges at the New York International Wine Competition, the vineyard is also a year-round getaway for wine tastings, concerts, family outings and picnics.

Award Winning
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