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Vegan Wines


Most wine drinkers- both vegans and omnivores alike- may not be aware that it's common for wines to use animal products, such as fish bladders, to filter wine. Our wines use bentonite instead of fish bladders or other animal derivatives for filtration, leading to higher quality products that are also vegan. 

"It might sound weird, but many winemakers use things like isinglass from fish bladder, gelatin and even sea shells when filtering their wine before bottling, explains our winemaker, Ruaan Viljoen.

Priam Vineyards doesn’t use animal byproducts or those other additives in our wine production. It doesn't align with our sustainable practices and would actually remove flavor and aromas from the wine. A good wine reflects the grapes from the area. The more you add to it, the less quality you’ll get. Being vegan-friendly improves the quality of the wine.


Around the world, environmentally-conscious beverage companies are also embracing similar higher standards of production. In 2016, famous Irish brewery Guinness announced its beer went vegan-friendly when it removed the fish bladder from its 250-year-old traditional filtration process.

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