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Writing a book: The creative crisis and its causes

1. The social aspect.

Creative crisis is a well-known phenomenon. And often it is "creative crisis" that people justify failures related to creativity - from lack of ideas to laziness and unwillingness to work on a book.

Note at once: pay for a paper do not confuse a creative crisis with banal laziness or loss of interest. If you can't sit yourself down to work, and instead you're drawn to watch a movie, or if the story you started doesn't interest you anymore, and you take on another idea, you're not in a crisis. This is weak willpower and lack of good motivation, unwillingness to work and the inability to bring things to a conclusion.

You should also distinguish a creative crisis from a creative stupor, or "jam. This is a temporary condition when there are no new ideas or the novel "gets up" - no continuation of the story is seen. And with the first, and with the second to cope with is not difficult - sometimes it is enough to switch to the daily worries, to put things in order and thoughts.

What is characterized by a true creative crisis?

First, essay editing service it is difficulties in processing information: the creative approach "shuts down", and the person cannot apply new knowledge in practice. He sees, hears, participates, reads, but the information experience passes by, often unconsciously and unconsidered.

Second, it is the inability to concentrate: in the head - then an abyss of thoughts about the problems, then emptiness. And the inability to concentrate, to "engage" in the story - every time it is blocked by left-wing thoughts. And the inability to tune in to work.

Thirdly, the loss of previous skills: thus, yesterday the stories were written in a day or two, but today the words do not add up to a sentence even mentally. Or not found at all, slipping away. Hence the state of stupor. That "I want to, but I can't", when you have something to write about, but you can't even do the most basic things.

Fourth, there is panic fear. Fear that you will never start writing like you usually do. That you won't be able to come up with anything interesting anymore. That you will never get out of this state. As a result, the creative crisis is exacerbated by stress, insomnia, irritability and increased nervous excitability (or apathy and withdrawal, depending on the type of nervous system), and so on. If this condition is neglected, it is a shortcut to nervous breakdowns.

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