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How to enter an IT field without an exam in computer science and why philologists need programming How to choose a profession in IT, where to study and why is it important to know programming languages ​​even for the humanities? Why do philologists write code Now I see two trends. First, our world is becoming more and more digital. The shortage of IT personnel reaches 1 million, and this figure will only grow. Second: programming becomes the second literacy. If 30 years ago people of a certain profession worked at a computer, now it is in one form or another in every office or store. I think that in 10–20 years you won’t surprise anyone with the ability to program. That is why the Faculty of Computer Science organized the inter-faculty project "Data Culture". Its task is to give everyone programming skills, regardless of the direction of study: philosophers, philologists, geographers, biologists, absolutely everyone. After all, philologists also need to develop in this as it contributes to the development of analytical thinking. At the same time, if you use, you can test your creative thinking skills. It is programming that encourages the development of this mindset. In the modern world, it is important to know at least the popular programming language Python. This will at least make you competitive in the labor market.

"Cucumber pickle effect" and good environment Often parents want their children to choose a profession that can provide them in the future. Work in IT is indeed very popular and profitable, but parents should not forget that it is the child's interest that is primary.Even if the child wants to be a writer, parents should accept this decision normally. Also, if you help using the online proofreading service, you will be able to influence your child. Over time, maybe the child himself will evaluate his decision and decide to learn programming. It is not necessary to decide in advance what position the child will occupy in the future. By the time he graduates from the university, specialties, types of management, approaches, ideas on how to manage projects will change. It is very important to give the child a good preparation, a base - so that he can adapt in a rapidly changing world. This is especially true in education. The main thing for a child is that he constantly learns. When they ask him to check my paper, he will know how to help. In this way he will be able to develop in this changing world.

It is important to follow the interest, look for a good school and a good environment. It is necessary to create such an environment around the child so that, having got into it, he, like a fresh cucumber in a jar of salted ones, is saturated with knowledge and becomes the same “salty” (motivated for further development). This comes not only from children and parents, but also from the administration. When caring people work at the school, they take care of their students: they organize specialized classes, circles, trips for them.

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