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Betting on Red

Every year, the Swallow Migration makes the Connecticut River its home. After a few years of low turnout, the 2017 migratory flock was spectacular. The Connecticut River Coastal Conservation District (CRCCD) is a non-profit that raises awareness to the pollution that plagues the river, and the animals that are directly affected by it. They aim to not only protect the environment in the state, but to improve it in the upcoming years.

We at Priam Vineyards feel an obligation to the earth and to our local resources. Every year, we have been offered to join the CRCCD on the river during their fundraisers to help the local ecology thrive and bring beauty back to our state. Year after year, we accept. This years trip was proved more beautiful than the last, as the river has become notably cleaner over the last few years. It's conversion to an American Heritage River in 1998 has allowed for more federal dollars to fund clean up and removal of dams that are harmful to migrating fish, which directly affects bug and bird migration.

Happily, we accepted our invitation and we brought our award-winning wines with us. Priam Vineyards Partner Jim Melillo gave a speech and thanked the CRCCD for their work and commented on the beautiful scenery they're helping to retain. 

Also, an announcement from the cellar: we have two new wines available to purchase this weekend. They are two reds that we've been excited to release for a few weeks now. They both come in our new opaque, tapered bottles.

First, we're introducing our new release Blackledge Red. It is a ruby blend that is delicate to the nose and the tongue. It has been aged for 14 months in French Oak for a subtle oakiness, but its flourishing with candied apple, red cherries, and cranberries. The back of the palate is enveloped in a soft caramel, clove, and cedar. It's a bright blend towards the front that mellows out into more calming blackberry and mulberry flavors, with a finish of pepper. 

Our other new addition is the return of our Bordeaux style wine, Salmon River Red. The 2015 vintage is a blend of St. Croix and Cabernet Sauvignon aged for 14 months in French Oak, which adds a sweetness and a structured tannin base. Its mocha and leather perfume is intoxicating, that makes a forward introduction for our boldest red this year. It has an unrivaled smoothness that our customers have sought after for years. A velvety open of plums and black currents transforms into a rhubarb jam to finish with a caramelized coconut.

Blackledge Red retails for $26 and Salmon River Red retails for $28, both are only available in the store now, and available for the remainder of our concert series.

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