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Acrylic Paint Tubes


FRI • 05/28/2021

FRI • 05/21/2021


* All paintings will be 12x16" landscape

  or portrait orientation. Unless

  otherwise noted.


FRI • 05/14/2021

float on.jpg

FRI • 05/07/2021


FRI • 04/30/2021

past event


FRI • 04/16/2021

past event


SUN • 12/20/2020

past event


FRI • 02/05/2021

past event



past event

Not Your Average Paint n' Sip

Paint the Town RAD is a virtual OR traveling paint party hosted by artists, comedians and husband and wife, Brian Barganier and Kate Clancy. Kate started teaching paint and sip classes six years ago in a high-energy, fast-paced, packed art studio in Saratoga Springs, NY. When moving to CT to start her life with then boyfriend and full-time touring comedian, Brian Barganier, Kate, who is also a stand-up comedian, took up a second job teaching paint and sip locally but couldn’t find a studio that had the same energy and faithful following as her home studio. 

When the COVID-19 shutdowns began, the two of them decided to form Paint theTown RAD - which at the time was an online Zoom paint party where individual kits were assembled and shipped out and everyone could tune in from home, and the magic was back! That’s when they realized it was Kate’s energy that’s awoken in front of a crowd that made the classes back home so special. Working in a studio space that was only selling anywhere from 2-10 seats per class didn’t create the proper party atmosphere, but a packed Zoom Room of 30 or more certainly did! They realized it was time to invest in the supplies needed to take this party on the road and get into outdoor spaces at breweries, country clubs, restaurants and even backyards. What started as parties for a dozen has now tripled in size, and Paint the Town RAD is now booking parties for up to 36 painters in safe, socially distanced spaces, and for two hours at a time, those 36 people get to enjoy an experience that can make them forget about the current state of things that has been anything but a party since March.

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