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Guided Private Group Tours


Guided tours for groups of eight or more are available with the winemaker by reservation. A minimum fee covering 8 people is required for a group tour and tasting reservation.

Our Guided tour consists of :

  • An explanation of the grape growing and winemaking process as pertains to our unique viticulture district as your group tours the vineyard (weather permitting).

  • A question and answer period.

  • Return to the tasting room to sample our present wine selection.

  • LEVEL ONE TASTING,  1/2 oz each of 4 wines and a gift of our 11oz. signature wine glass to each in your group.


Most group tours take about 1-1/2 hours to do the tour, tasting and purchase wine, depending on the size of the group. Please see our attached Group Tour & Tasting Reservation Form for all details. To reserve a Group Tasting & Tour Fill out the form below and email to

Any catering for groups must be arranged with the winery and set up outside of the tasting room, or inside if renting the interior space. Additional site fees apply to catered large group events. Picnic lunches can be arranged for a group event of 8 or more with the winery. Please contact us for more information and applicable group event fees,

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